Big cakes

Big cakes

from 35.00

NEW PEANUT BUTTER & RASPBERRY - Fluffy peanut buttery cake with raspberry jam and peanut butter buttercream icing.

NEW VIETNAMESE ICED COFFEE CAKE - With sweetened condensed milk icing.

BLACK FORREST- A decadent and moist chocolate cake, with lovely dark cherries, a light cream cheese frosting, chocolate shards, and berry compote topping.  NOW AVAILABLE GLUTEN FREE

GLUTEN FREE ORANGE SYRUP CAKE - A moist and dense cake, slathered with a rosewater cream cheese topping and pistachios. 

NEW GLUTEN FREE BOUNTY CHOC-CHIP & COCONUT - Buttery deluxe coconut & choc chunk cake with chocolate coconut milk icing.

NEW VEGAN CHILLI CHOCOLATE CAKE - Soft and chocolatey with a lil spice, with choc coconut vegan ganache.

VEGAN OLIVE OIL CAKE - An olive oil based cake with fresh seasonal fruit and herbs throughout, layers of coconut whip and topped with fresh fruit! Ask us for the options of the moment.

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